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Leica M Monochrom "Drifter" by Kravitz Design

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“Photography is magic – it’s a time capsule. It’s something that keeps the moment alive,” rock legend Lenny Kravitz explains. The artist has previously collaborated with Leica in 2015, when he designed a special-edition version of the M-P (Typ 240): the M-P “Correspondent” paid homage to the weathered Leica camera Kravitz’s father brought back from his time as a press correspondent in the Vietnam War. The design of the new Leica M Monochrom “Drifter," by contrast, is very much a reflection of the artist’s present persona.

The “Drifter” edition embodies Kravitz’s creative spirit: the sepia-brown finish of the lenses is intentionally designed to show slight signs of wear over time, allowing each model to develop a unique patina. A trim of premium vegan leather, finished in a stylish python snakeskin pattern, envelops the camera body. The material was sourced by Kravitz’s close friend, fashion designer and animal rights activist Stella McCartney, who uses this leather alternative for many of her own creations.

When comparing the “Drifter” to his first Leica design, the “Correspondent” of 2015, Kravitz explains: “I wanted this camera to still be very natural and rugged, but I wanted it to have a bit more design and glamour to it”.


Photographers who consciously employ the unique aesthetics of black-and-white photography to express their creativity can rely on the Leica M Monochrom as a modern tool. As the successor to the world’s first digital black-and-white camera, it offers the latest technologies to support creative visualisation in its archetypal form. For pictures of unequalled quality. For pictures with previously unimaginable sharpness, depth and clarity.




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