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LEICA TL2 Starter-Set including 18mm black


The LEICA TL2 expand your creative freedom. In its interplay with the new Maestro II series image processor, the new, high-resolution APS-C sensor of the Leica TL2 increase brilliance and sharpness. Moreover, it offers an improved continuous shooting function with up to 20 frames per second and 4K videos shooting. The high-resolution, 3.7" touchscreen display of the Leica TL2 provides access to the revised and restructured menu, allowing you to focus again on what's essential: Photography itself. No matter whether you're shooting landscapes, documentaries or people, the LEICA Elmarit-TL 2,8/18mm ASPH. is an suits-all-purpose lens for the TL2. It lets you capture rich-in-detail, high-contrast photos that are sharp from edge to edge and corner to corner, even in unfavorable light. This compact pancake lens covers a focal lengths of 28mm (equiv. 24x36mm).


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