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Novoflex MEISTER CAMERA tripod set small


A tripod gives you more stability and more security that your photos will not get unsharp. With the help of a tripod you can also work more creatively with the shutter speed. However, the quality is important! So it was an obvious decision to choose a product from NOVOFLEX for our "MEISTER CAMERA" edition!

Our tripod set impresses not only with its amazingly simple handling, but also with a previously unknown stability and unique flexibility in the selection of the modular items. The combination includes the NOVOFLEX TrioPod (TRIOC2844) with 4-segment legs made of 8-layer carbon. The CLASSIC BALL 3 II, the coupling Q MOUNT/S and the quick release plate QPL1/S, exclusively available from us in red. It ensures that your camera is held securely and flexible all the times. The interchangeability of the tripod legs means that it could also be used as a practical table tripod.

This tripod set perfectly fits for smaller Cameras like LEICA M!

Of course, quick release plates are available separately.

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