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Leica Q black

Save € 400 !

Focused. ‘Combine what is technically possible with what makes sense photographically.‘ A concept that has been epitomised by Leica since Oskar Barnack laid the foundations for 35 mm photography more than a hundred years ago, with the original Leica. This concept has been central to our company’s philosophy - based on the art of engineering on one hand, and on visionary risk-taking on the other. A philosophy that leads to innovation, rewriting photographic history again and again. As it has with the new Leica Q, a camera which continues this groundbreaking Leica tradition with a full-frame sensor and a fixed-focus lens. Fast.  Whether your subject involves depth of field, an available-light situation or a macro photography shot, the Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH. provides everything you need to express yourself photographically. Its classic 28mm focal length is perfect for street, architectural and landscape photography. Its lens, the faste st in its class, combined with a specially designed 24 MP CMOS full-frame sensor, provides detailed images of unsurpassed quality: up to ISO 50,000.

Full Frame Sensor with 24MP resolution and Full-HD Video
super fast Leica Summilux 1,7/28mm Asph. lens
high resolution electronic viewfiinder and touch-screen display
central shutter for flash sync up to 1/2000sec
electronically shutter for super fast shutter speeds up to 1/12000sec
frames for digital zoom with 35 and 50mm aspect


Demo camera with signs of usage. Full Leica warranty (2 years)!

3.490,00 €

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