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Leica SL (Type 601)

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A new era of photography. LEICA SL - The new Leica System Camera with the revolutionary "EyeRes"-Viewer. Fast. Direct. Mirrorless. 

The mirrorless Leica SL creates the best connection between photographer and subject. The revolutionary EyeRes viewfinder shows the finished picture – even before pressing the shutter release. Its speed and imaging quality set new standards. The time has come to discover the future of photography. Time for the new Leica SL. 4.4-Megapixel EyeRes - Electronic Viewfinder. Mirrorless – without ifs and buts. The Leica SL is the world’s first camera conceived for professional photography to feature an electronic viewfinder. The EyeRes viewfinder technology developed especially for the Leica SL is superior to optical viewfinders in every respect. The size of the view is reminiscent of medium-format cameras.

All decisive parameters – such as exposure, depth of focus, and white balance – are simulated in the viewfinder, and their precise effects can be optimally assessed. At the same time, in contrast to SLR cameras, the Leica SL is almost completely silent. Maximum Compatibility. The Leica SL offers you access to an enormous range of high-quality lenses. In addition to the lenses of the SL-System, you can also use Leica T mount lenses without an adapter. In fact, with the appropriate adapters, you have a choice of 145 different lenses. 11 Frames per Second - Maestro II Processor. The decisive moment often exists for only a fraction of a second. The Leica SL responds instantaneously to your commands and translates them into perfect pictures. Every time. Thanks to its Maestro II series high-performance processor, the Leica SL achieves the best performance currently possible in the professional camera class. 24 Megapixel - CMOS Sensor. 

The Leica SL stands for excellent picture quality – even in difficult situations. The sensor of the Leica SL has 4.000 × 6.000 pixels and an ISO sensitivity range from 50 to 50,000. It is also capable of shooting continuous sequences of full, 24-megapixel resolution images at a speed of up to 11 frames per second. 4K Video - HDMI 1.4. video output. (Lens not included!)

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