LEICA 0 Series Replika with Anastigmat 3.5/50mm

The camera is in a very good condition.
It shows minimal signs of usage.

The camera was service-checked in June 2021.

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No. : 2677889



To celebrate the 75th birthday of the first Leica the company introduced at the Photokina 2000 a faithful reproduction of one of the prototype models of the Leica I.
The so called 0-series prototype replica was based on the 0-series camera no. 104 and had been build depending on the original construction drawings and measurements from the orignal camera which was kept at the factory museum. The edition had been limited to just 2.000 units! Although the camera was most widely identical to the original the lens used with the replica, the Anastigmat 3,5/50mm, was a recomputed design using modern glass and coating technology. This is the only difference between the reproduction and the original model. The complete operation of the camera is equivalent to the technical level of 1923! With this in mind it is astonishing and highy impressive which technical perfection the pictures are showing which are taken with the 0-sereies prototype replika.
This camera is first off all an incomparable beautiful collector’s item but can be used also for highest quality photographs.