LEICA II f red dial

The Leica IIf has been service-checked and is in good technical condition.
Also optically in good condition with only minor signs of usage.

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The Leica II f introduced in 1951 is based on the Leica III f and was a simplified model without slow shutter speeds. This allowed the camera to be offered cheaper and on the other hand made it possible to get into the Leica system or was interested in users who needed fast shutter speeds.
As with Leica III f, there were three basic versions of Leica II f during the production period.

The first version of the Leica II f had black contact numbers for the flash synchronization and as shortest shutter time 1/500sec. This version was built until 1951-52.
The second version followed from serial number 574401. It had red dial for the flash sync and a changed shutter speed series. The shortest shutter speed was also 1/500sec.
From 1953-54 followed the third version of the Leica II f, equipped with red dial, the new shutter speed series introduced in the second version and a shortest shutter speed of 1/1000 sec. This variant was produced up to the production end 1956.

The offered Leica II f red dial comes from the year 1953 and this model belongs to the second version.
The technical and cosmetic condition is very good and the camera is in unchanged original condition. Leica IIf models in such a condition are now rarely found and the few offered cameras usually have significantly stronger signs of use or have been modified.