LEICA M9 black

Custom-made: without image field selector lever
The Leica M9 has been service-checked and is in perfect technical condition. Also optically in very nice condition with only minor signs of usage.

– new CCD-Sensor

Accessories: Charger

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No. : 3908215 Condition : AA-BB



M stands for „Messucher“, German for a combines rangefinder, and an incomparable kind of photography. That‘s because this system, generally described as a rangefinder, has particular merits that enable photographers to transform their very own, personal visual concepts into photographic realities.
The essentials:
– Compact, digital viewfinder system camera
– New 18MP CCD sensor in a 24 x 36 mm format
– ISO 80 to ISO 2500
– silent shutter
– Made in Germany