LEICA R3, black

The camera is in a technical good condition.
There are some signs of usage.

It shows metal brassing at some parts.

This does not affect the function or quality of the camera.

The camera was service-checked in September 2021.

The light sealing was exchanged and renewed.

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No. : 1475901 Condition : B-C



Built from 1976 to 1979, the Leica R3 comes from the cooperation with Minolta and can nowadays be regarded as an interim model between the Leicaflex models developed in Wetzlar and the Leica R4 built from 1980 as a representative of the more modern Leica R series.
A major innovation compared to the Leicaflex models is the automatic shutter speed available in the R3 and also the new center-weighted integral exposure measurement that has been added to the selective exposure measurement.
The camera was mainly built in Portugal (only about 2,000 pieces were produced in Wetzlar) and was available from the launch in silver or black chrome. In total, about 45,750 Leica R3 were built.

• Production Period: 1976 – 1979
• Leica analogue SLR with automatic mode
• R-Bajonett
• Serial number: