LEICA S2 black

The camera is in a good condition.

It shows slight signs of usage. These do not affect the functionality of the camera.

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The Leica S-System was conceived from the ground up as a purely digital camera system and was built with the precise needs of professional photographers in mind. This meant that it was possible to create a camera system with a freely selectable format to enable an ideal symbiosis of excellent imaging quality and ideal handling. Perfect image quality has always been a good reason for choosing a Leica. At the same time, fast, uncomplicated and simple handling is an equally important factor in the everyday work of professional photographers. Photographers must be able to have an intuitive feel for the camera and its settings at all times, and particularly in hectic situations. The system must be light and compact enough to be used handheld for long periods without stress or strain. And, last but not least, it must be designed and constructed for a long and reliable service life, under even the toughest conditions. The Leica S2 fulfils all these requirements: despite its large sensor format, it has an extremely compact body with dimensions that are reminiscent of a 35 mm SLR rather than a medium-format camera. It features a unique operating concept that relies on only a minimum of buttons and switches to enable fast and convenient access to all settings and functions. Thanks to the extremely robust construction of all its components, the system retains its residual value over many years of constant use. A further reason for this is the consistent protection of the camera and all its lenses against dust and water spray, meaning practical elements are as important as image quality when choosing such an essential working tool.

The essentials:

Compact Medium Format DSLR

37,5 MP CCD Sensor (30x45mm)

12 f-stops dynamic range

Up to ISO 1250

Dust & Spray water sealed

Made in Germany